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Taking to the air

The Escuela de Comedia now has it's first set of aerial silks.
The group are currently training on them so they can be incorporated into performances.

Tercer Ojo - new clowns in old clothes

For their new show at one of Granada's favourite nightspots, Tercer Ojo, Escuela de comedia y el mimo took audiences back to the 1920s.

El Berrinche Ambiental 2010

Granada undergoes a mystical transformation during the El Barrinche festival.

El Berrinche carnival 2010

Granada will be in the end of january 2010, the place to be to observe a deep transformation of human acts in relation with the nature.

To celebrate the Childrenday

To celebrate the Childrensday the artists of the School of Comedy and Mime realized shows at three primary schools in the city of Granada.

Various activities for children and adolescents at the “bottlehouse

The cultural program of the year 2017 in “the bottle house” is in full swing.

Eventful december

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Following Sundays with Shows at the “Plaza de los Leones”

On Sunday 13th of November 2016 the artists and volunteers of the “Escuela de la Comedia y el Mimo” started a series of shows in front of the “Casa de las tres mundos” in Granada.

Los Agüizotes at the Casa de las Botellas

On Friday 28th October we celebrated „Agüizotes“ at the Casa de las Botellas.

Europe Tour

La escuela de Comedia y Mimo (School of Comedy and Mime) started its tour through Europe. First stop was Hannover (Germany), where the young artists presented their show „Extravaganza“.

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