Activities in schools!

This month of March, we started doing workshops and creative handicrafts with children of the school El Escudo. These workshops aim to contribute to and strengthen education in schools in the universal learning process and decrease dropout rates that the Ministry of Education has been fighting year after year.

As an artistic-social organization and with our experience of community work since 2001, we believe that our workshops in theater, mime, circus arts, others may contribute to reducing the problem of desertion. We consider ART as an integral part of learning and that it is very important to human beings.

Art as learning tool is not valued as being as important as mathematics, Spanish, history, or other subjects. People often forget that through art, we can educate and make people aware of certain issues. For example, a play, or any show for entertainment, carries a message either applauding or criticizing what is happening in our social environment. Art also awakens the creative side: we discover our skills and abilities that we, as thinking individuals, posses.

While this type intervention in El Escudo is a new challenge for us, we intend to complete it successfully and expand to other schools near our headquarters and, in a not so distant future, to intervene in all schools in Granada, as a pilot project.

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