A young girl’s adventure, with a touch of creativity

Jana Schraufstetter is a 21-year-old from the city of Eichstätt-Germany. She is now in her second (2nd) year of study in social work at the Katholische Universiät Eichstätt-Ingolstadt. Two years ago, after graduating from high school, she and two friends, young and impulsive, ventured to discover the landscapes of Latin America. They visited Peru, Bolivia, Chile, Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay and Brazil.

“When I was 14 years old, I volunteered in an organization called Kreisjugendring Eichstätt that organised circus camps for children during summer in Germany. Since then, I am very interested in social work and attracted to the circus," says Jana.

The experience of the post high-school trip made her eager to perform volunteer work in a Latin American country. In her research through the Mosaic Project, she learned of the existence of La Escuela de Comedia y Mimo which fulfilled her volunteering interests: a circus project and work with girls and boys. "I really enjoy practicing the unicycle, diabolo, juggling with balls, clubs, others and also teaching children."

As for my experience in Granada with La Escuela, I really like going for craft workshops in the public school El Escudo, as when we arrive, the children are happy and excited. With them, we have made different crafts with recycled paper, newspaper, cardboard, balloons and other materials. Although for me is a bit complicated because I don’t speak the Spanish language very well and the children are very restless. They are very different from the children in Germany.

In her free time, Jana likes to do crafts with thread, wire, paper and as well as draw. On the other hand, she has collaborated with German translations of news for the website of La Escuela de Comedia y Mimo.
“I like Nicaragua, it landscapes, its friendly people, the gallo pinto and its language. During my stay here, I visited the island of Ometepe, San Carlos in Rio San Juan, The Canyon of Somoto, Estelí, León, Playa Gigante in Rivas, Matagalpa and I plan to go to Corn Island.”

When she returns to Germany, she is thinking about working to save money for future travels and, in the distant future, would like to work with children who do not have a stable family in Germany.

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