A dedicated teacher

Marielle Rose Lafaro is a 35-year-old theology teacher in Saint George Catholic School in Pennsylvania, USA. She started teaching nine years ago while in Texas. I started teaching nine years ago and currently have a group of 110 students total. At first I was nervous but soon I loved teaching and continue to love it to this day. Currently I teaching grades 7 and 8 full-time every day from 7:45 am until 3:30 pm.
Marielle studied Psychology, Philosophy, and Theology and has degrees in Psychology and Foreign Languages including Spanish and French. She is currently studying German.

Every year during her vacation from school she looks for places where she can volunteer. She has been to Spain, Peru, Ecuador, Guatemala, Costa Rica, the Dominican Republic, and now Nicaragua. She generally teaches classes in these countries to children in poor communities through social projects.

“My goal with my trips is to share my culture and in doing so give inspiration to the kids I teach to continue to move forward in their lives. At the same time, I want to make an impact and leave an inspiration of overcoming obstacles to continue to work to learn English. Volunteering is also for me an expression of faith and of love. It is my way of imparting positivity in this world.

When I return from my trips I share my experiences with my own students so that through them they too can find some inspiration, confidence, and desire to achieve whatever goal they may have in the future. Its satisfying to see my students reactions to the experiences that I tell them about.

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