Happy faces in the schools of Granada!

The week of March 28th till April 1st was a special one for us and the kids of Granada since we could share our passion for arts with them.

Together with Performers Without Borders we performed in various schools in Granada to convey the joy of art and artistry. Performers Without Borders are voluntary artists from different countries that have come together in various cities of Nicaragua such as Leon and San Marcos, Carazo to give children circus and art workshops.

We managed to spread happiness in three different schools (Gertrudis Bermudez, Padre Misieri and the Escuela Nueva Esperanza) and thus were able to put smiles on more than 300 faces. Apart from the performances in the school, we also gave workshops to about 20 children of our community here at our own circus school “la Casa de las Botellas” every morning.

We - as well as Performers Without Borders - believe that we can teach children values, social manners, and sense of one’s own body through arts, acrobatics and sport. Moreover, the kids love the distraction from studying and working and are very enthusiastic about all the tricks that we do with them. The schools with whom we have worked together, were very pleased that there is such an offer from our side. Thus, at the end of the day, not only the children, but all those involved had a big smile on their face.

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