Los Agüizotes at the Casa de las Botellas

On Friday 28th October we celebrated „Agüizotes“ at the Casa de las Botellas. The artists and volunteers prepared different games and activities for the children which attend the project regularly from Monday to Friday.

The afternoon began with a short theater play about the legends and myths around Agüizotes. Afterwards the children could join funny games and activities for example the House of the witch, the mysterious boxes and facepainting.

Agüizotes is a traditional nicaraguan celebration which is celebrated at the last Friday of October especially in Masaya.
For several years the trend of Halloween reached Nicaragua. So the shops are creepy decorated and there are a lot of Halloween-Partys at the end of October. Because of that the myths and legends about agüizotes fall into oblivion.

As an artistical organization we try to maintain the nicaraguan myths and legends. That’s why we want to share the tradition of Agüizotes with children and teenagers.

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