Eventful december

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We are finishing the year 2016 at the Escuela de la Comedia y el Mimo. The year passed with a lot of different activities like artistic, juggling, English-courses, workshops in handcrafts and a lot more.
As a finale of the year the children and teenagers of the Escuela de la Comedia y el Mimo will present a show which they worked out together throughout the last weeks. The debut of the show will take place this Friday the 9th December at the theater of the Casa de las Botellas. There will be a second show at the 16th December in front of the Casa de los tres Mundos in the center of Granada.
Furthermore there will be presentations for the children at Corazón Contento, which is a center in Granada that serves people with special needs (for more information: http://corazoncontentogranada.org/historia/). At the 18th December there will be another show at Los Quinchos in San Marco. Los Quinchos is a Project located in San Marco where they take care of abandoned and uncared-for children (for more information: http://www.losquinchos.it/index.php?language=esp)
Although it wasn´t always easy we are proudly looking back at a successful year 2016. We are looking forward to continue with a lot of energy in 2017.

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