Various activities for children and adolescents at the “bottlehouse

The cultural program of the year 2017 in “the bottle house” is in full swing. Since beginning of march we are realizing shows with all the students, who visit our project and participate in the classes. So we having a show for the public at every end of a month.

In the last three month we had classes in theatre, acrobatics, mime, rhythm, handcrafts, hula-hoop, reading promotion and also training at trapeze and aerial silk.The shows we are realizing every month are a great motivation for the students, because it is a chance to show the public what they have learned and which skills they already have. Furthermore you can notice a growth of self-confidence, confidence in the group and concentration.

All this is possible because of the “Fondazione Alta Mana Italie” which is supporting us financially since the last year. Not to forget our volunteers which also helped us a lot in continuing our work and spread arts in the city of Granada.

Since the year 2008 “the bottlehouse” is a space to learn and live together for children and adolescents. Especially those from the districts el Escudo, Pila de Agua, Reparto San Carlos, El Pantanal, Calle Corrales, la Sabaneta and Camilo Ortega visiting our project and benefit from the artistic-social program.

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