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To celebrate the Childrenday

To celebrate the Childrensday the artists of the School of Comedy and Mime realized shows at three primary schools in the city of Granada.

Various activities for children and adolescents at the “bottlehouse

The cultural program of the year 2017 in “the bottle house” is in full swing.

Eventful december

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Following Sundays with Shows at the “Plaza de los Leones”

On Sunday 13th of November 2016 the artists and volunteers of the “Escuela de la Comedia y el Mimo” started a series of shows in front of the “Casa de las tres mundos” in Granada.

Los Agüizotes at the Casa de las Botellas

On Friday 28th October we celebrated „Agüizotes“ at the Casa de las Botellas.

Europe Tour

La escuela de Comedia y Mimo (School of Comedy and Mime) started its tour through Europe. First stop was Hannover (Germany), where the young artists presented their show „Extravaganza“.

Happy faces in the schools of Granada!

The week of March 28th till April 1st was a special one for us and the kids of Granada since we could share our passion for arts with them.

Amazing video by the Performers Without Borders

Thank you friends for sharing your experiences with us on your journey through Nicaragua, both on stage and by showing what we love and by collaborating with us in the artistic and social work we do i

A dedicated teacher

Marielle Rose Lafaro is a 35-year-old theology teacher in Saint George Catholic School in Pennsylvania, USA. She started teaching nine years ago while in Texas.

A young girl’s adventure, with a touch of creativity

Jana Schraufstetter is a 21-year-old from the city of Eichstätt-Germany. She is now in her second (2nd) year of study in social work at the Katholische Universiät Eichstätt-Ingolstadt.

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