Over 5 years the advance student’s troupe has performed different entertainments as improvisations for art exhibitions, giant puppets parades, workshop performances plus 5 plays:

Story of a Horse that was Very Pretty (2001)
Written by Venezuelan humorist Aquiles Nazoa is a fantastic folk tale of a horse that fed itself with gardens and was the pride and joy of town. It’s also a criticism to the futility of war. The production mixes story-telling with mime theatre and circus.

Celebrino Celebrando (2001)
A team work directed by the young Dutch actress and director Thamar Kemperman. They are children with dreams, but discouraged and powerless. The appearance of a magical character named Celebrino causes everything to change and allows each one’s dream to become a true.

Dreams (2002)
The awakening of adolescence, the first love and a little of imagination is the theatrical motif for presenting circus and its disciplines in a different way. A collaborative work with choreographic support from Patricia Mazzeo (Argentinian acrobat) and directed by Thamar Kerperman.

Los Zapatitos de Rosa (2003)
From the great Cuban poet and writer José Martí
Pilar is a happy child, a good child, and though from a wealthy family she has a humble heart. A theatrical proposal that mixes oral narrative with acting and circus directed by Thamar Kemperman.

Simply Clowns (2005)
It’s a group research of a very difficult character: “The Clown” and its many ways of expressions including Nicaraguan comic folklore. A funny play with a dose of circus and social denounce too.